Huguet Boogie Performance was established by Professional dancer and choreographer Miss Sarah Huguet in 2012 and offers a wide range of dance, singing, acting, Musical Theatre and Performance Skills. Huguet Boogie Performance also offers school Workshops, Parties, Summer Schools, Dance days and one on one coaching. Classes cover a fun aspect to learning and development of their performance and Dance Skills.

It offers up to date training to children in the styles and different genres that we offer, and we deliver this training and teach your child to the highest of standards we possibly can.
A free trial class is offered to the child and can see if they would like to attend the weekly class.

Parents will be invoiced termly (every 8 weeks) for classes, so alot of communication to parents is sent via our Facebook page Huguet Boogie Performance so if there is any short notices e.g illness of a teacher, you’ll be notified straight away, SO PLEASE ADD!!!

We expect children to arrive for their classes in the appropriate uniform for the class, we find it helps if children feel like a “Shinning Stars”. Dance and Performance is a fantastic way for children and young adults to learn and improve coordination, technique and social skills. They will also learn the confidence to be able to express themselves as an individual.

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Please see our timetable for the classes we offer.